I began this piece during the last month before abcpvd's exhibition Geese Goose opened. I was working so much on the poster and promotional materials that I would close my eyes to sleep and see geese on my eyelids. One of these nights my friend Zia posted on her instagram story a photo our friend Jamie had taken of her pointing to a goose, her mouth in the shape of an O, and I immediately messaged to ask if I could make a print based on it. While I was working over the idea in my head, I was thinking about cringe culture and its connection to transgender aesthetics. I’ve really come to admire this part of trans subculture, even though it doesn’t tend to overlap with the type of work I make. I approached this print with a desire to bring some cringe spirit into the careful work I do. I printed this reduction carving in 8 layers of letterpress ink.
8.5in x 11in
edition of 22
based on a photo of Jadzia Bove taken by Jamie Potter

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