Iris Wright (xe/xem/xyr) is a queer, multimedia artist. 
Xe grew up in Illinois and trained as an artistic writer before pursuing a degree in Visual Art and Literary Arts at Brown University in Providence, RI where xe graduated with honors and was awarded the Ann Belsky Moranis Award for exceptional skill in visual art. Xyr poetry is featured in various publications, including Grain Magazine and Susquehanna Review, and has won numerous awards, including the Kim Ann Arstark Memorial Award and the Southwest Prairie Conference Critic’s Choice Award in Poetry judged by José Olivarez. Xyr sculptures and prints have been on display at various venues, including the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, the Warwick Center for the Arts, and the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center.
Iris is a Joslin Fellow in Brown University's Visual Art Department and works as a teaching assistant in book arts. Xe is a founding member of the artist collective Art Book Collective, Providence (abcpvd) where xe collaboratively organizes group art shows that prioritize interactive, tactile art.
Xe makes art that is worn, spoken, and touched to demonstrate communication’s futility, especially where it attempts to capture queer identity.

Instagram: @iris.write
Please email for commissions and other queries :)
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