"Selections from Anti-Trans Legislation Passed in 23 States in 2023" is a letterpress print made only with handset type.
There is an assumption that legislation written to take our rights is written in ignorance, but these are not designed by the uninformed.
This broadside is a performance of labor and a study of the language that threatens my rights and those of my transgender loved ones and greater community. Every letter, punctuation mark, and space is its own object I selected and arranged, forcing careful time spent with the words. Though I researched and planned the excerpts I typeset and proofed, I still caught myself repeatedly disappointed.
The excerpts from bills on this print are 749 words and 3,925 characters. 
It took 20 hours to set this type.
letterpress on Stonehenge paper 
11in x 15in 
edition of 19
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