I'm Iris (xe/xem/xyr), a trans queer artist working on my thesis in visual arts. I make sculptural apparel that deals with the futility of identity expression, particularly in outward presentation and in language. You can see some of my work at iriswrite.com or on my instagram @iris.write.
As part of my capstone, I am making a short, soundless video featuring other trans people wearing my work. This video will accompany the displayed garments in my senior show (March 24th-April 6th in Gallery 221 on the 2nd floor of the List Art Building--come check it out!). Parts of the video will also be made accessible on my website.
Your time commitment for this project would be a few hours on one day in early or mid-March, possibly with an advance meeting to do a preliminary fitting and/or interview. We will likely meet on a Wednesday, but we can move to another day if availability is higher. You will be asked to wear an ensemble, walk around in it, pose, and possibly dance in some cases. You will be credited as a model in the final piece. There is also a potential for a live performance in March and/or April.
I'm especially interested in working with GNC people, QTPOC, disabled people, and people who don't think they "pass," but a range of bodies and identities is key so please still apply even if you don't see yourself in that list. Don't worry if you don't have experience; confidence goes a long way here. I need multiple models, so tell your trans friends (and nonbinary friends who don't want to call themselves "trans" but agree they're not cis). You do NOT have to be affiliated with Brown University to participate, but you will need to be in Providence for the shoot.
Most of the questions in this form are optional (if there's no asterisk*, it's optional), but the more you tell me about yourself, the more likely I am to be excited about you being part of this project and the better idea I have of what piece to match you with. Photos and videos are especially useful. Have fun!
Applications close February 28th. You can expect to hear back before March 10th, when I will have narrowed down the pool and will request availability from the final candidates.
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